grades of timber

All timber flooring used in Australia is strictly graded to Australian Standards. Grading refers to the degree of natural marks and features. The decision between different timber grades, from a unique and striking timber with lots of natural features to a clean and consistent timber grade, really comes down to personal preference.

There are three main grades of timber available:

Select Grade

Select grade timber features a low level of marks and natural characteristics. Select grade is valued for its strength, simplicity and versatility. It has a sleek, clean, uniform appearance and is perfect for modern, minimalist and traditional settings.

Standard Grade

Standard grade timber shows selective gum veins, burls, insect trails and other unusual grain effects. It is a unique and increasingly popular grade, which includes the most interesting variations and markings to enhance its character.

Character Grade

Character grade is also known as rustic or feature grade. This timber grade exhibits a high level of natural features including gum veins, knots, face checking and insect trails, and generally a larger range of colour variation. The rustic and random nature of character grade timber is perfect for those who prefer a natural appearance.

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