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A really good floor finish is essential in order to enhance the natural beauty of the timber, as well as provide protection. There are a broad range of floor finishes available to suit different timbers, styles and environments. In the early 1980s and 1990s, the high gloss finish was very popular. In recent years, however, there has been a huge turnaround in favour of satin and matt finishes.

Borthwick Floors™ has experience in all types of finishes and they work closely with clients to determine the best option, with a strong focus on environmentally friendly products. The range of available finishes includes natural penetrating oil products, slip resistant finishes, non-toxic water-based polyurethane, oil modified finishes, neutral oil, and moisture-cured polyurethane.

The main types of finishes are:

Oil Based Finishes

Oil based finishes provide a soft, natural looking result. Oil based finishes are produced by reacting a natural oil, such as linseed or tung oil, with another chemical. This option is generally not as hard wearing as a polyurethane finish, but is easier to repair and maintain. Oil based finishes will darken slightly over time. These finishes are available in satin or gloss.

Composite Finishes

Composite finishes, containing oil based alkyds combined with urethanes, provide a subtle, satin to semi gloss finish with quite good abrasion resistance. These finishes darken slightly over time. Although composite finishes may show marks more easily than polyurethane finishes, most marks are easily removed using a small amount of methylated spirits with a damp cloth.

Solvent Based Polyurethane Finishes

One pack and two pack polyurethane finishes provide a much harder result with excellent resistance to moisture and scratches. Repairs are more difficult than with other finishes, however the strength and durability of polyurethane finishes means that general maintenance is greatly reduced. During application, a very strong odour is present, but this dissipates with drying. Polyurethane finishes are available in matt, satin or gloss.

Water Based Finishes

One pack and two pack water based polyurethanes are the most environmentally friendly finish, with very good wear resistance. Water based polyurethanes are fast drying and virtually odourless. They are usually applied over a sealant which helps to enhance the appearance of the timber and also reduces edge bonding between boards. Water based finishes are excellent for maintaining the appearance of lighter coloured timbers, as they prevent yellowing. This finish is available in matt, satin or gloss.

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