Borthwick Floors™ are experts in parquetry, a centuries-old flooring technique which transforms your floor into a beautiful, enduring, geometric work of art. Hard wearing, versatile and economical, parquetry is not just a practical flooring option - it is also a truly beautiful feature piece in any environment. Lovers of fine music will appreciate the added advantage of parquet for its outstanding
acoustic qualities.

The two main types of parquetry are mosaic and block parquetry. Mosaic parquetry is the traditional style, and consists of small 'fingers' of timber arranged next to each other, and then laid in a square on square pattern. Mosaic parquetry is 8mm to 10mm thick, making it a cost effective option. In block parquetry, individual blocks of timber, generally 14mm or 19mm thick, are laid to create any pattern. The most common patterns are Brickbond, Herringbone and Woodweave.

Parquetry can be installed over concrete, a plywood or particle board sub-floor, or over old timber flooring. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas including hallways, stairs and commercial interiors.

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parquetry brickbondBrickbond
parquetry herringboneHerringbone
parquetry woodweaveWoodweave

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